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Risk free million dollar jackpots - a winning proposition for both players and licensees


VALETTA, MALTA (JULY, XX, 2011).  Online gaming software developers Winawage International release two revolutionary e-lottery games today with guaranteed jackpots worth millions.


In a unique arrangement, insured via a Lloyds of London broker, Winawage International is the first online gaming company in the world to offer licensees and players a 100% insured prize payout.


Winawage International licensees can now offer players consistent, repeating, multi-currency jackpots worth millions, without fear of exposure.


This fresh approach to online jackpots has received the approval of the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority who have awarded Winawage International an online gaming licence – the first in the world for games with a 100% insured prize payout.


Winawage International founder and CEO Nick Lynes said:  “Our proprietary technology and integrated insurance cover is capable of delivering instant win, multicurrency jackpots in the millions, with no risk to Winawage International or our licensees. 


“Many gaming products focus too heavily on delivering commercial objectives at the expense of player excitement, or solely on player excitement at the expense of their commercial objectives. At Winawage International, we have designed our product so that neither suffers at the expense of the other.  


“I am confident this will speak for itself when you view our demonstration brand which was launched today,” he said.


Winawage International has released two games today for white label.  The first is an instant win online version of the traditional 6/49 lottery game.  Players simply have to pick six numbers from 49. Prizes are awarded for matching 3, 4, and 5 numbers. Match all six and you win the £$€1.5 million jackpot.


The second game is a tailored lottery where the player selects a monthly wage and how long they would like to be paid the wage for. The top monthly wage selection is £5000, €6,000 & $7,000 per month and you can be paid from one month to a lifetime. The odds change depending on the size of the wage selected.


CEO Nick Lynes said: “At Winawage International we are interested in enterprise and mutually beneficial long term partnerships, with trust and innovation at the forefront. We are looking for partners to take our games to market using the same passion and excitement we used in creating them. Winawage International is a next generation game supplier with new games, ideas and much more to come. Call us today to unlock the partnership potential.” 



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